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How do I install an EV Charger at home?

The BEST way to install an EV Charger at home

EV Charger home installations are easier than ever nowadays. In fact, home charging stations makes owning an electric vehicle easier than ever before. You can power your vehicle when (and where) it’s most convenient! Not to mention, you also receive the added privacy and security of charging your EV from inside the garage.

Installing an EV (electric vehicle) charger involves mounting a charging station, connecting it to the power supply, and ensuring compliance with electrical codes.

Which is best for your car?

  • Level 1 charging units run on 120 volts to charge your electric car.
  • Level 2 chargers use a 240-volt outlet to charge about 25 miles of driving range per hour.
  • DC Fast Chargers can charge up to 250 miles in an hour, depending on the vehicle.

Professional electricians handle all wiring, circuit installation, and safety measures. The goal is to efficiently power up EVs, promoting sustainable transportation with minimal environmental impact.

How much does it cost to install an EV Charger at home?

EV Charger for the home


Installing a home charging station for 2023 (or preparing for 2024) can range from anywhere between $300‒$1,000 (plus separate installation fees depending on your electrician’s rates).


But what about cost-per-charge? The beauty of installing an EV Charger at home is that home charging is cheaper than public charging. 


According to the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, “You can install a home charger that uses the same high-powered 240 voltage as your washer, dryer or stove (Level 2). While the costs of home charging vary based on utility rates and time of use, on average it costs $10 for 240 miles of charge.”

Do I need a permit to install an EV Charger on my property?

EV Charger Installation at home

In Oregon, a homeowner or a licensed electrical contractor can install a charging station. At Smiley Electric, we take the stress out of obtaining permits and inspections.

Requirements may vary depending on where you live, specifically. As licensed electrical contractors in the state of Oregon, we will obtain the required permits and take care of the inspections needed from your local building department

For more detailed information on Oregon’s requirements for home EV installation, feel free to refer to the Oregon.gov EV Charging Guide.

Is installing an EV Charger at home worth it?

There are many reasons why installing an EV Charger at home is worth it. Here are just three major reasons:

  1. Lowers your electric bill: Gas prices are skyrocketing. The higher gas prices go the more you’ll save charging up your EV at home.
  2.  Raises the value of your home:  According to Sunbridge Solar, “The value of your home may improve if you install EV chargers. Homes with EV charging facilities sell for more money than those without, according to research by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.”
  3. Promotes sustainability: According to Earthjustice.org, “The largest source of pollution in the US today is transportation. The average electric car on the road today has the same greenhouse-gas emissions as a car getting 88 miles per gallon — which is far greater than the average new gasoline-powered car (31 mpg) or truck (21 mpg), according to analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists.” Yes, EV’s emit fewer pollutants than gasoline-powered cars. Your choice to install an EV Charger in your home also helps to lessen the carbon impact of your property.

These are just three reasons why installing an EV Charger is worth it! But what do you think? Does installing an EV Charger in your home seem worth it to you

Choose a trusted electrical contractor to install an EV Charger at home

Smiley Electric team. Based in Portland, Oregon

If you want to save yourself time and unnecessary expenses, hire a professional to install an EV Charger at home for you. A licensed electrician has the knowledge and experience to ensure your installation is done efficiently. 

I’m Josh Smiley, head contractor for Smiley Electric. Our team is proud to offer EV Charger home installation services. We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled quality work. Our team are all licensed electrical contractors certified in the state of Oregon with over fifteen years of experience in the business.  As professional electricians, we understand what it takes to properly install an electric vehicle charger without causing further electrical problems. 

As residents in the Portland community ourselves, we care about the environment we live in. Our mission is to improve our neighbors’ lives and the environment by offering such innovative services as EV Charger home installations. Since we are invested in bringing you one step closer to a smaller carbon footprint, an effortless installation process is guaranteed. 

Listening closely to your needs and providing insightful solutions is our aim. Our certified electricians will run proper home diagnostics and surge protection to ensure no faulty wires, outlets, or connections come into play. A panel upgrade will be performed so that your car charges without affecting the rest of your home’s electrical system. You’ll be able to charge your EV from the comfort of your home in no time! 

Located in beautiful Lake Oswego Oregon, Smiley Electric services towns all over the Portland region as far as West Linn, Beaverton, Happy Valley, and more. 

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